Submission Guidelines


The Gallery Shop Committee meets annually to consider submissions. The next deadline for Gallery Shop submissions will be in Spring of 2017.

The Gallery Shop at the Seymour Art Gallery sells locally handmade gifts.We recommend that you visit the Gallery Shop before you make a submission. We are specifically looking for work which is quite different from the pieces already on display. Each of the Gallery Shop artists has their own unique style and therefore if your work is similar to that of an artist we already carry, your work will not be selected. Accepted artists will start on a three-month trial to ensure that the relationship is a good fit for both the artist and the Gallery Shop.


  • All work considered must be handmade by the artist and artists must represent their own work.
  • We are not accepting submissions from jewelers and card-makers at this time, since these items are currently well-represented in our shop.
  • We do not accept submissions for consumable items.
  • While we welcome applications from all BC artists, each artist’s stock must be replaced every 3 months and we cannot offer shipping; if the artist will not be able to visit the Gallery Shop that often, we regretfully cannot offer representation.
  • The Gallery Shop is a small space. While we do not have formal restrictions on the size of artworks, we must consider size when deciding what artworks we will carry.

If your work is accepted, it is required that you become a member of the Seymour Art Gallery.

Your submission may be delivered:

  • In person at the Seymour Art Gallery
  • By mail to: 4360 Gallant Ave. North Vancouver, BC, V7G 1L2
  • By email to (with arrangement made for payment of $10 non-refundable jury fee)

Your submission will include:

  1. Your contact information – name, email address, mailing address and phone number
  2. A short biography
  3. Information about your work and how you make it. Include details about framing and pricing
  4. Images of your artwork, and if possible, samples of your work may be dropped off