Art Party invite front 2017-01ART PARTY! A Fundraising Exhibition
June 25 – July 22

We’re kicking off a fabulous and eclectic local juried art exhibition on Sunday June 25 at 5 p.m. The evening event, with free admission, features a silent auction, live music by local musicians Ailsa Rose and Thomas Hoeller, great local art, and bad dancing!

The ART PARTY! exhibition showcases the art of more than 75 local artists, available for purchase at $100, $200 and $300. But don’t delay – work will be coming off the wall as it sells!

After our opening party, the exhibition will continue through July 22. Funds raised over the course of ART PARTY! help us in our ongoing support of local arts and culture through our exhibitions and related public programming.

Exhibiting Artists: Ginger Albrecht, Breanna Anaka, Lucy Andersen, Andrea Armstrong, Annette Arndt, Adele Maskwa-iskwew Arseneau, Lori Bagneres, Nadia Baker, Maria Batista, Alistair Bell, Megan Bennett, Kayo Benson, Marguerita Bilac, Nancy Blanchard, Marnie Boullard, Ray Bradbury, Cherish Bryck, Wendy Bullen Stephenson, Erin Bulycz, Luis Busca, Chrissy Cheung, Karsten Cramer, Liz De Beer, Carolina de la Cajiga, Dorothy Doherty, Karole Doucette, Francine Drouin, Karen Evans, Sara Gardner, Joan Gauthier, Monica Gewurz, Katina Giesbrecht, Connie Goldhawke, Faye Gordon-Lewis, Anna Green, Jennifer Harwood, Findlay Hayward, Deirdre Hofer, Jacky Hosford, Cath Hughes, Diane Isherwood, Heather Johnston, Reari Kang, Alison Keenan, Sophia Kim, Alissa Kim Tjen, Sarah Krzyzek, Janna Kumi, Chi Cheng Lee, Domenica Mastromatteo, Gabriele Maurus, Marion Maxwell, Liane McLaren, Ross Munro, Kris Noble, Connie O’Connor, Diego Orozco, Alexia Orozco Morales, Gillian Pearson, Edward Peck, Lori Popadiuk, Irina Prodan, Mardell Rampton, David Righton, Sarah Ronald, Shelley Rothenburger, Tamana Sayami, Phyllis Schwartz, Majid Sheikhakbari, Mira Song, Lee Sova, Deborah Stephan, Myranda Storm, Suzanne Thomson, Robert Wanner, Sande Waters, Claudia Weiss, Kate Whitehead, Wing Yee Wong

This event is kindly sponsored by North Shore News